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Set of Four Handmade Ceramic Green Buttons

Set of Four Handmade Ceramic Green Buttons

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Set of Four Handmade Ceramic Buttons made from Earthenware Clay.

These beautiful buttons have been imprinted with an original MatlidaBelle carving. Soft green glaze has been applied and rubbed back to allow the delicate pattern to further shine through. These buttons are also glazed on the reverse and it is here you will find the MB makers mark.

 Each button measures approximately 5cm wide x 2.5 cm deep.

These Buttons are stunning and will make wonderful additions to cushions, knitted items, wall art, lampshades, bags, lapels or hats in fact the uses are limitless. A perfect gift for someone with a  precious Button Tin.

MatildaBelle Buttons are machine washable with care. Please turn the garment inside out and place in a tied pillowcase this stops the buttons directly hitting the drum and wash on a gentle cycle.

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