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Handmade Pottery Buttons set of Six Squares 15mm

Handmade Pottery Buttons set of Six Squares 15mm

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Introducing from our new Rustic collection, a set of six Square ceramic buttons hand-formed from Black clay, embodying rustic charm with a contemporary twist.

Each button varies slightly and is sized between 1.5cm and 1.6cm, with a depth of 2mm. with small Stitch holes of 2mm perfect for thread.

Key Features:

  • Rustic Contemporary Design: Hand-formed from black clay, these buttons blend rustic charm with a contemporary aesthetic.
  • Versatile Size: Each button is approximately sized between 15mm and 16mm, suitable for various sewing and crafting projects.
  • Handcrafted with Care: Crafted with care, these buttons showcase the natural variations of the clay, making each button truly unique.
  • Glossy Front, Unglazed Back: Glazed on the front, the reverse side of each button remains unglazed, displaying the natural beauty of the clay along with our signature MB maker's mark.
  • Beautifully Wrapped: These buttons come beautifully wrapped, making them perfect additions to your button tin for upcycling or craft projects.

Usage & Benefits:
Elevate your creations with these artisanal buttons, perfect for adding a distinctive touch to garments, accessories, and more.

Care Instructions:
Machine washable with care. Wash on a gentle cycle and turn the garment inside out and place in a tied pillowcase to protect the buttons from coming into contact with the drum. Care instructions are included.


  • Material: Black clay
  • Size: Approximately 15mm-16mm each, 2mm depth
  • Colours: Glossy black, Rich Wine and Deep Green

Button care guide

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