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Set of 4 Rustic Square Olive Green Glazed Buttons - 23mm

Set of 4 Rustic Square Olive Green Glazed Buttons - 23mm

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Introducing our set of four rustic square buttons, each meticulously crafted to add a touch of charm to your sewing projects. These buttons feature a rich olive green glaze, enhancing their rustic appeal.

Measuring approximately 23mm with a depth of 3mm, these buttons are designed with four stitch holes for easy attachment to your garments or crafts. The rear of each button is left unglazed, allowing the natural beauty of the clay to shine through, and showcasing our signature MB maker's mark.

As always, these buttons come beautifully wrapped and are machine washable with care instructions included. Elevate your creations with these artisanal buttons, perfect for adding character and style to your handmade pieces.

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